I am currently employed at UCLAN as a photography technician for foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate photography courses. Specialising in the darkroom, analogue and alternative processes.


Alongside my role as a technician I lecturer part time. Previously to this I lectured in art and design, photography, media studies, media and film production in FE and HE sectors.


My research interests and practice merges experimental and historical darkroom techniques, interweaving both analogue and digital photographic technologies, equipment, and materials.


My practice incorporates working independently on projects and collaboratively. I work in conjunction with Art Lab Contemporary Printmaking Studios and collaborate with artist and print-maker Jane Bennett. We combine alternative photography and printmaking techniques to produce outputs for exhibition.


Over the years I have organised, displayed and participated in several regional and national fine art/photography exhibitions and projects. In addition to this I am a member of the CPRA 

(Creative Practice Research Academy) and co-founder of Blindspot (Northwest UK female arts and humanities contributions network).


During my leisure time I enjoy visiting galleries, attending film screenings, countryside walks and collecting retro fashion and furniture in particular from the Victorian era, 1920’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.

Email: jogarrettphotography@hotmail.com

Instagram: jogarrettphoto

LinkedIn: jo-garrett